Nerds can love wine too!

Nerds can love wine too!

One of my interests, which is not particularly nerdy, is wine. Where the nerd part comes in is, how nerdy can a wine rack be? Clifford Wong of North Phoenix, Arizona takes the prize for nerdy wine rack and I invite him to join the Nerd Union. At 6 feet tall and 1000 pounds you might expect something with this kind of heft to hold more than 32 bottles but fear not. There is artistic style to consider. This wine rack is all welded steel robotic awesome. It looks like it stepped out of a big budget science fiction spectacular. And better yet, it is for sale!

This wine warrior, assembled from parts of cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc., will bring order to your next wine tasting party. The artist thoroughly cleaned and de-greased everything before welding, painting, and clear coating. It is obviously a labor of love.

Below is a clipping from Mr. Wong’s Craig’s List ad. I am quite certain that my wife will not allow this into the house. The shipping cost from Arizona to Ohio would be terrible, unless, wait, can this robot walk?

The Nerd's Coolest Wine Rack Ever!

Nerds hoping to see the Venus transit even in the rain. A bunch of us nerds are set up at Fishcreek Elementary School in Stow Ohio waiting for the clouds to clear.

Nerds hoping to see the Venus transit even in the rain. A bunch of us nerds are set up at Fishcreek Elementary School in Stow Ohio waiting for the clouds to clear.


Welcome to The Nerd Union!

Welcome to the inaugural post of the Nerd Union! I’m a nerd. When I married my wife I helped her free her inner nerd. Now we are nerdy together although I’m more committed to the lifestyle.

I created this website initially as a place to feature and promote my book, Creating Your Nearly Paperless Office, available as an e-book at Amazon and Barnes & Noble (see the links to the right on this page). It will soon be available on other popular e-book sites as well.

Now something happened when I started putting this web site together. I started to get excited about blogging. I may have mentioned that I’m a nerd. I have some stereotypical nerdy hobbies like reading science fiction, astronomy, consumer electronics, and “computing.” I put computing in quotes because that one is becoming more mainstream. Everyone has a computer these days. But since I’m the guy my friends and family turn to for computer advice and support, I guess I’m the one with the nerd cred (that’s street lingo for “credibility”). I’m also into bicycling and photography but those aren’t particularly nerdy. Except that I obsess about electronic bicycling accessories. And although I take photos and videos of the same stuff as you I also enjoy photography and videography through my telescope. Now that’s nerdy!

So back to my point. I am very enthusiastic about my hobbies and I like trying to get others excited about them too. I plan to blog about all of my interests while occasionally promoting my book (and in the future I expect to promote other new books).

And now, about my book. It’s a gripping drama about… No actually it’s a book that describes my journey to a nearly paperless office. We can’t truly eliminate all paper from our lives but we can tame it. The book is about my approach to a mostly paperless office. I looked at some dedicated scanner/software solutions but rejected them as being too proprietary and tedious to keep up. I knew I would become lazy about maintaining a system that requires me to actively view and index every document. I also didn’t want to depend on a specific scanner. My personal solution is very flexible. My holistic approach is about scanning everything and making sure I can’t lose it all in a hard drive failure or house fire. I tell you what hardware and software I chose to use and how I set it all up. But the book is about choices. You can choose your own scanner and software just like I can substitute the scanner and software that I use. You are in control.

So there it is. My first post. Please enjoy. Comment. Ignore. Whatever you please. Thanks for stopping by.