Welcome to The Nerd Union!

Welcome to the inaugural post of the Nerd Union! I’m a nerd. When I married my wife I helped her free her inner nerd. Now we are nerdy together although I’m more committed to the lifestyle.

I created this website initially as a place to feature and promote my book, Creating Your Nearly Paperless Office, available as an e-book at Amazon and Barnes & Noble (see the links to the right on this page). It will soon be available on other popular e-book sites as well.

Now something happened when I started putting this web site together. I started to get excited about blogging. I may have mentioned that I’m a nerd. I have some stereotypical nerdy hobbies like reading science fiction, astronomy, consumer electronics, and “computing.” I put computing in quotes because that one is becoming more mainstream. Everyone has a computer these days. But since I’m the guy my friends and family turn to for computer advice and support, I guess I’m the one with the nerd cred (that’s street lingo for “credibility”). I’m also into bicycling and photography but those aren’t particularly nerdy. Except that I obsess about electronic bicycling accessories. And although I take photos and videos of the same stuff as you I also enjoy photography and videography through my telescope. Now that’s nerdy!

So back to my point. I am very enthusiastic about my hobbies and I like trying to get others excited about them too. I plan to blog about all of my interests while occasionally promoting my book (and in the future I expect to promote other new books).

And now, about my book. It’s a gripping drama about… No actually it’s a book that describes my journey to a nearly paperless office. We can’t truly eliminate all paper from our lives but we can tame it. The book is about my approach to a mostly paperless office. I looked at some dedicated scanner/software solutions but rejected them as being too proprietary and tedious to keep up. I knew I would become lazy about maintaining a system that requires me to actively view and index every document. I also didn’t want to depend on a specific scanner. My personal solution is very flexible. My holistic approach is about scanning everything and making sure I can’t lose it all in a hard drive failure or house fire. I tell you what hardware and software I chose to use and how I set it all up. But the book is about choices. You can choose your own scanner and software just like I can substitute the scanner and software that I use. You are in control.

So there it is. My first post. Please enjoy. Comment. Ignore. Whatever you please. Thanks for stopping by.

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