Nerds can love wine too!

One of my interests, which is not particularly nerdy, is wine. Where the nerd part comes in is, how nerdy can a wine rack be? Clifford Wong of North Phoenix, Arizona takes the prize for nerdy wine rack and I invite him to join the Nerd Union. At 6 feet tall and 1000 pounds you might expect something with this kind of heft to hold more than 32 bottles but fear not. There is artistic style to consider. This wine rack is all welded steel robotic awesome. It looks like it stepped out of a big budget science fiction spectacular. And better yet, it is for sale!

This wine warrior, assembled from parts of cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc., will bring order to your next wine tasting party. The artist thoroughly cleaned and de-greased everything before welding, painting, and clear coating. It is obviously a labor of love.

Below is a clipping from Mr. Wong’s Craig’s List ad. I am quite certain that my wife will not allow this into the house. The shipping cost from Arizona to Ohio would be terrible, unless, wait, can this robot walk?

The Nerd's Coolest Wine Rack Ever!

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