Nerds and Bicycles

One of my interests/hobbies is bicycling. I found a story about an Israeli engineer that created a bicycle out of cardboard. Specifically, about $9-$12 worth of cardboard.

Some look at a challenge and say, “Why?” while others look and say, “Why not?” (paraphrasing George Bernard Shaw)

For the Medical Nerd

Many male nerds like pictures of women just like the non-nerd. Here’s a spectacular picture of a woman giving birth. Too weird? Well this is an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) video of a woman giving birth!

The nerd tie-in here is the MRI. What could be cooler than an MRI? How about the future handheld MRI that can take high-resolution images? Eventually the well equipped home first aid kit may include a handheld MRI like today’s kit includes a blood pressure cuff.