The Supported Nerd

For the female nerds (or the fleshier male nerds) out there I have discovered a site that will keep you supported in style. This one looks like a stocking stuffer to me.

If Trek isn’t your bag you may also pick Star Wars, Ninja Turtles, Super Mario Bros. and more.

The Supine Nerd

After a long day of nerdy activity, why not top it off with nerdy inactivity? The true nerd would want to rest as efficiently as possible. Enter the prism glasses.

While the nerd lays fully supine with face upward the prism glasses allows viewing of a book, the television, the bedroom window, the heirloom painting, or the nerd’s own feet. The sky’s the limit. Well actually the horizon’s the limit.

The Nerd Defined

The Nerd Defined

I sometimes reflect upon what a nerd is as compared to a geek. I have always referred to myself as a nerd since I used to identify with the “nerd” characters in movies. But on my journey of inner-reflection and self-discovery I recognize both nerdy and geeky characteristics, as defined by other geeks and nerds on the Internet.


So I found this great diagram online that defines various types including nerds, geeks, and even dorks and dweebs.

Turns out, nerds are at the center of it all! Now I used to be more socially inept but I’m a well adjusted grownup now. And I realize that I may jump back and forth across the nerd/geek border from time to time. But my loyalty lies with the Nerd Union!

So tell me, are you a nerd? A geek? Other?