Nerd Who?

Nerd Who?

I am such a nerd. I have never been in the closet about it but the older I get the more delight I get in indulging my nerdiness.

I wasn’t a Dr. Who fan when I was younger but I started watching it when it resurfaced in 2005. Great show! Love it! So when I saw the obvious love and care that went into this Dr. Who inspired PC case by Scan Computers International Ltd I had to share it.

The case is in the form of Dr. Who’s TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space) device which itself is in the form of an English Police Public Call Box. Behind the  Call Box sign in the top of the case is the DVD or Blu-ray drive.

When my current PC dies I will seriously consider ordering a replacement TARDIS.

Nerd Helmet Parade

Being a nerd, I have seen a great many movies about space. Here is a cool “Supercut” of movie scenes showing helmets from a lot of movies that I actually recognized. Also fun about this is the Gizmodo page where Jesus Diaz refers to this as “nerdgasm.”

The Nerd With The Invisible Rear

If the back of your car was invisible then wouldn’t backing up your car be safer? Actually no part of the car pictured is invisible. But if the back seat of your car was covered by some very special material it would look to you as if the back of the care were invisible.

Some very smart nerds at Keio University in Japan had already invented personal cloaking technology a decade ago. Even so, only Harry Potter seems to sport an invisibility cloak. Now Keio University nerds are trying out a prototype invisible back seat in a modified Toyota Prius.

I don’t know if this will ever catch on and become an option in a new car but wow am I ever impressed by the stuff we can learn to do.

Hell’s Nerds

Somebody invented the Star Wars speeder bike? This is what Hell’s Nerds will be riding.

Star Wars Speeder Bike?


The Supported Nerd

For the female nerds (or the fleshier male nerds) out there I have discovered a site that will keep you supported in style. This one looks like a stocking stuffer to me.

If Trek isn’t your bag you may also pick Star Wars, Ninja Turtles, Super Mario Bros. and more.

The Supine Nerd

After a long day of nerdy activity, why not top it off with nerdy inactivity? The true nerd would want to rest as efficiently as possible. Enter the prism glasses.

While the nerd lays fully supine with face upward the prism glasses allows viewing of a book, the television, the bedroom window, the heirloom painting, or the nerd’s own feet. The sky’s the limit. Well actually the horizon’s the limit.

The Nerd Defined

The Nerd Defined

I sometimes reflect upon what a nerd is as compared to a geek. I have always referred to myself as a nerd since I used to identify with the “nerd” characters in movies. But on my journey of inner-reflection and self-discovery I recognize both nerdy and geeky characteristics, as defined by other geeks and nerds on the Internet.


So I found this great diagram online that defines various types including nerds, geeks, and even dorks and dweebs.

Turns out, nerds are at the center of it all! Now I used to be more socially inept but I’m a well adjusted grownup now. And I realize that I may jump back and forth across the nerd/geek border from time to time. But my loyalty lies with the Nerd Union!

So tell me, are you a nerd? A geek? Other?


Nerds and Bicycles

One of my interests/hobbies is bicycling. I found a story about an Israeli engineer that created a bicycle out of cardboard. Specifically, about $9-$12 worth of cardboard.

Some look at a challenge and say, “Why?” while others look and say, “Why not?” (paraphrasing George Bernard Shaw)

For the Medical Nerd

Many male nerds like pictures of women just like the non-nerd. Here’s a spectacular picture of a woman giving birth. Too weird? Well this is an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) video of a woman giving birth!

The nerd tie-in here is the MRI. What could be cooler than an MRI? How about the future handheld MRI that can take high-resolution images? Eventually the well equipped home first aid kit may include a handheld MRI like today’s kit includes a blood pressure cuff.

Nerds can love wine too!

Nerds can love wine too!

One of my interests, which is not particularly nerdy, is wine. Where the nerd part comes in is, how nerdy can a wine rack be? Clifford Wong of North Phoenix, Arizona takes the prize for nerdy wine rack and I invite him to join the Nerd Union. At 6 feet tall and 1000 pounds you might expect something with this kind of heft to hold more than 32 bottles but fear not. There is artistic style to consider. This wine rack is all welded steel robotic awesome. It looks like it stepped out of a big budget science fiction spectacular. And better yet, it is for sale!

This wine warrior, assembled from parts of cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc., will bring order to your next wine tasting party. The artist thoroughly cleaned and de-greased everything before welding, painting, and clear coating. It is obviously a labor of love.

Below is a clipping from Mr. Wong’s Craig’s List ad. I am quite certain that my wife will not allow this into the house. The shipping cost from Arizona to Ohio would be terrible, unless, wait, can this robot walk?

The Nerd's Coolest Wine Rack Ever!