Star Wars Landspeeder™ Orange 5 Pc Twin Panel Bed with Engine Storage Night Tables   – Beds Colors

For only $900 you can pamper your little Jedis with their own landspeeder. When I was single this would have been my on my bachelor pad’s furniture list. On second thought, I might never have attracted a wife if I had this hovering in my bedroom. Five light sabers up!

Star Wars< i> Landspeeder™ Orange 5 Pc Twin Panel Bed withEngine Storage Night Tables .899.99. 92L x 75W x 45.6H. Find affordable Beds for your home that will complement the rest of your furniture.  #iSofa #roomstogo

Source: Star Wars Landspeeder™ Orange 5 Pc Twin Panel Bed with Engine Storage Night Tables   – Beds Colors

Bedding a Nerd, Part Duex

Bed strata

Bed strata

Shucks! Another cool set of bed sheets I would have loved as a kid. Maybe my future grandkids will like these. Your little angels will learn about the earth’s layers from core to crust. There are even star constellations to show them which way is up.


Nerd Division

The Bots are Getting Along

So if the Daleks and the droids can get along, why not the fans?

Looks like a couple of Sci-Fi convention organizers were ready to rumble in Norwich England. A nerd from the Norwich Sci Fi Club and another nerd from the Norwich Star Wars Club had words at the latter’s convention. Some words were exchanged but nothing else and still the constables were called.

Police are called to row at Norwich sci-fi convention | The Sun |News

The nerd who called the cops claimed he was assaulted but security video said otherwise. That’s all, nothing more to see here.

Mainly I loved seeing R2D2 rubbing shoulders with the Daleks.

Bedding a Nerd

Realistic-Astronaut-Bed-SetI wish I had this bedspread and pillowcase when I was watching Neil Armstrong walk on the moon a jillion years ago. I would buy it now but it’s only available in twin size. Alas.

This out-of-this-world product is available from an Amsterdam company called SNURK Bedding.

On second thought, it might be good for keeping warm in front of the television while I’m watching Star Trek reruns.

Nerd Who?

Nerd Who?

I am such a nerd. I have never been in the closet about it but the older I get the more delight I get in indulging my nerdiness.

I wasn’t a Dr. Who fan when I was younger but I started watching it when it resurfaced in 2005. Great show! Love it! So when I saw the obvious love and care that went into this Dr. Who inspired PC case by Scan Computers International Ltd I had to share it.

The case is in the form of Dr. Who’s TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space) device which itself is in the form of an English Police Public Call Box. Behind the  Call Box sign in the top of the case is the DVD or Blu-ray drive.

When my current PC dies I will seriously consider ordering a replacement TARDIS.

Nerd Helmet Parade

Being a nerd, I have seen a great many movies about space. Here is a cool “Supercut” of movie scenes showing helmets from a lot of movies that I actually recognized. Also fun about this is the Gizmodo page where Jesus Diaz refers to this as “nerdgasm.”

The Nerd With The Invisible Rear

If the back of your car was invisible then wouldn’t backing up your car be safer? Actually no part of the car pictured is invisible. But if the back seat of your car was covered by some very special material it would look to you as if the back of the care were invisible.

Some very smart nerds at Keio University in Japan had already invented personal cloaking technology a decade ago. Even so, only Harry Potter seems to sport an invisibility cloak. Now Keio University nerds are trying out a prototype invisible back seat in a modified Toyota Prius.

I don’t know if this will ever catch on and become an option in a new car but wow am I ever impressed by the stuff we can learn to do.

Hell’s Nerds

Somebody invented the Star Wars speeder bike? This is what Hell’s Nerds will be riding.

Star Wars Speeder Bike?


The Supine Nerd

After a long day of nerdy activity, why not top it off with nerdy inactivity? The true nerd would want to rest as efficiently as possible. Enter the prism glasses.

While the nerd lays fully supine with face upward the prism glasses allows viewing of a book, the television, the bedroom window, the heirloom painting, or the nerd’s own feet. The sky’s the limit. Well actually the horizon’s the limit.

For the Medical Nerd

Many male nerds like pictures of women just like the non-nerd. Here’s a spectacular picture of a woman giving birth. Too weird? Well this is an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) video of a woman giving birth!

The nerd tie-in here is the MRI. What could be cooler than an MRI? How about the future handheld MRI that can take high-resolution images? Eventually the well equipped home first aid kit may include a handheld MRI like today’s kit includes a blood pressure cuff.