Announcing the 4th Edition of “Creating Your Nearly Paperless Office”

creatingyournearlypaperlessoffice-4thedition-frontcoverI am happy to announce the 4th edition of this popular book about how to create a nearly paperless office. Updates include more suggested uses for the scanning, storing, and safeguarding of all of your important paper. More importantly this edition covers the use of the latest versions of PaperPort 14.5 and Windows 10.

A special edition of this book now ships with the Xerox Digital Desktop Organizer, Xerox Digital Personal Organizer, and Visioneer Mobile Organizer.

As before, this edition is availability for the Kindle and in print. So now not only can you read this book on your Kindle or other electronic device, but you can have a printed physical book to hold on to. Yes, I know, it’s paper, but hey, we’re still going to use some paper for a while.

Available on Amazon.

Star Wars Landspeeder™ Orange 5 Pc Twin Panel Bed with Engine Storage Night Tables   – Beds Colors

For only $900 you can pamper your little Jedis with their own landspeeder. When I was single this would have been my on my bachelor pad’s furniture list. On second thought, I might never have attracted a wife if I had this hovering in my bedroom. Five light sabers up!

Star Wars< i> Landspeeder™ Orange 5 Pc Twin Panel Bed withEngine Storage Night Tables .899.99. 92L x 75W x 45.6H. Find affordable Beds for your home that will complement the rest of your furniture.  #iSofa #roomstogo

Source: Star Wars Landspeeder™ Orange 5 Pc Twin Panel Bed with Engine Storage Night Tables   – Beds Colors

Bedding a Nerd, Part Duex

Bed strata

Bed strata

Shucks! Another cool set of bed sheets I would have loved as a kid. Maybe my future grandkids will like these. Your little angels will learn about the earth’s layers from core to crust. There are even star constellations to show them which way is up.


Nerd Eclipse-a-palooza!

We just had an eclipse of the sun the other day, March 20, 2015. Astrophotographer Thierry Legault wasn’t satisfied just capturing images of the eclipse, he also caught the International Space Station passing in front of the sun, and the moon…during the eclipse. This guy is an astrophotography rock star!

Thierry Legault Captures ISS Transit of the Sun — During Eclipse!.

Nerd Press Release

I’m pleased to announce that Visioneer is publicizing my book, Creating Your Nearly Paperless Office: 2nd Edition, on their web site here and here. In addition Visioneer will soon be shipping a special edition of my book with three new, as yet unannounced, scanners. Two of the scanners will carry the Visioneer name and one the Xerox name. I’ve been working with Visioneer for the past several months and it’s all very nearly ready to go. Woo hoo!