Creating Your Nearly Paperless Office: 4th Edition

Here is the 4th edition of this popular book about how to create a nearly paperless office. Updates include more suggested uses for the scanning, storing, and safeguarding of all of your important paper. More importantly this edition covers the use of the latest versions of PaperPort 14.5 and Windows 10.

Why is there so much paper? We try so hard to remove the avalanche of paper in our lives but the mountain continues to grow. This book describes a personal journey to a “nearly paperless office.” After all you need some of that avalanche. Do you have titles and deeds? Genealogical records? Child shot records? These are papers that you want to keep but you also want to have electronic backups, just in case.

While you can buy popular “total” paper scanning systems those systems need constant attention to keep everything scanned and organized. They don’t cover everything needed to keep the “nearly paperless office” secure against accidental loss. They’re neat but expensive.

This book describes a “soup-to-nuts” flexible system of paper scanning, indexing, organizing, and safeguarding. It describes the use of specific hardware and software but the reader’s own choices of hardware and software can work as well. In other words the reader may already own enough hardware and software to carry out a scanning plan. So with this book you can safely start chiseling away at your paper mountain right away.

Inside are processes for scanning and organizing documents quickly and easily. The quicker and easier it is the better. The expensive and tediously maintained alternative systems on the market become time-consuming to support and abandonment is likely.

The author’s own research is the basis of everything outlined in this book. He explains to you what has worked for him and what will work for you. Whether the reader follows the author’s footsteps exactly or makes different choices, this book will help make a successful “nearly paperless office.”

A special edition of this book now ships with the Xerox Digital Desktop Organizer, Xerox Digital Personal Organizer, and Visioneer Mobile Organizer.

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  1. Great book! This is exactly what we have been looking for to give our customers some help in getting started with their new scanner. We would really like to talk with you. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

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